At GAPL,We believe that team work is the key to success for any venture. To cater to the various segments of the industry, we have tie-ups with various firms to meet the demands and needs of different markets. Our Associate Partners are part of our Team on each Project and we share and put together our combined resources to ensure the successful completion of the Project.

United Energy Solutions

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GAPLis the only Indian company Partnering with United Energy Solution.

United Energy Solution was founded by industry professionals who understand the frustrations businesses experience purchasing electricity and natural gas. They are energy brokers and consultants specializing in discount procurement of natural gas and electricity for commercial clients. Together we will thrive to work towards better community and render services in manufacturing, government ,non profit organisation and small businesses.

UES as a team has tool partners :

1. TCG

The Thermo-Chemical Gasification (TCG) is a technology that delivers the best environmentally friendly solutions, providing not only technological advantages but also economical ones, because it utilizes waste material like organic waste , municipal solid waste and any carbonaceous materials or their mix in any proportion as feedstock which are renewable resource and at the same time, provides a solution to waste management, handling, and disposal problems for all cities and communities.

TCG is the most environmentally-friendly energy generation process through gasification.It with near-zero emissions solution and is unique in the world.

UES TCG Acquisition Activities since June'17

Europe: Greece, Albania, Kosovo, North-Macedonia, Italy, France,Turkey, Germany

Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ruanda, Zimbabwe, Nigeria,Cote d‘Ivoire, Senegal, Angola, Sudan, Ethiopia.

GCC and MENA: U.A.E., Saudi-Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait,Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt,yemen.

Near/Middle-East: Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Jordan

Asia:India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippine





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Zak Venture is a company having a team of astute professionals delivering business transformation excellence in the field of Natural Gas.
We specialise in the Indian Energy Market especially dealing with Indian Oil and Gas Public Sector Undertakings and large Multinational companies.
We strive to create a global market by linking trade of Crude Oil, LNG, Coal and Agro Chemicals. We work globally with our clients in Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Australia.


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Archos Consultants & Engineering Ltd. is a uniquely positioned Infrastructure, Architectural & Engineering Design Consultancy formed in Year May, 2011.

ARCHOS has expertise in several construction market segments including:

3.Buildings (Residential, Commercial & Industrial)
12.Wastewater and sewerage

ARCHOS is run by a team of professionals possessing years of experience in executing infrastructure related projects and providing professional engineering consulting & management services.
Our success in the field of infrastructure and other engineering projects is based on complete devotion in providing the best supporting engineering services that meets the clients expectations. We achieve this through technically qualified and responsive team of professionals with a commitment to excellence. This zeal and motivation give ARCHOS to stay on the cutting edge.