Chairman's Profile

Umesh Josh,

B.E (Civil)

-Chairman Of GAPL

MR. UMESH JOSH is a Graduate in Civil Engineer from BITS Pilani Rajasthan and has more than 45 years of extensive experience in the field of Roads, Highways, Commercial, Residential Buildings, Industrial Plant and other Infrastructure Projects of different magnitude. He started his career as Highway Engineer and gradually excelled in the capacity of Team Leader, Senior Highway Engineer and Project Coordinator for several high-value projects.

He also worked in various types of Roads and Highways Improvement Projects under International Funding Assistance of World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and African Development Bank. He played an active role in the development of 4-laning and thereafter six- laning of several corridors of Golden Quadrangle and NSEW.

He also worked in various types of Building Projects and played an active role in planning, design and supervision of engineering design, foundation, superstructure, internal, external finishing and development work of multi storied Commercial and Residential Structures and others. He has led the teams familiar with latest tools and techniques of structural analysis and design, having in-depth knowledge of relevant codes of design practices

Throughout his career he has carried out several activities involving feasibility, preliminary & detailed geometric design of roads and planning & engineering design of complexes, Construction Management, quality control and quality assurance. He has been instrumental in providing guidance, leadership and direction to multi-disciplinary teams to achieve project objectives. Backed by his extensive experience and engineering knowledge, he has founded this company on the sole vision of making it a generic name for engineering consultancy. He is a Life Member of Institution of Engineers, The institution of Military Engineers, The Indian Road Congress and United Services Institute of India.

He has procured, handled and led in the following projects by his own capacity. KEY PROJECTS

Buildings Projects:

⦿Design and Supervision for Defence Married Accommodation projects CLIENT: DGMAP, Ministry of Defence.

⦿Design & Project Management services for BAYER PCS COMPOUNDING FACTORY at Noida

⦿Project Management Consulting (PMC) Services for Construction of “ Logix IT Park” at Sector 62, Noida, UP

⦿Project management Consultancy services for MCD CIVIC Centre, New Delhi

⦿Prop. 200 bedded Cardiothoracic Center at Army Hospital (R&R), Delhi Cantt.

⦿Expansion Of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi.

⦿Design & Project Management services for MAXX Communication factory building at Haridwar.

⦿Project Management Consultancy services for Commercial Complex of 2 Acres of land in Sector-62 at Gurgaon.

⦿Architectural services for HEWO Scheme-III, at Sector-47 (Gurgaon) & Sector-13-17 (Panipat).

Infrastructures Projects:

⦿Design and Construction Supervision (DSC) work for North-East Region Capital Cities Development Programme, Aizawl, Mizoram (funded by ADB).

⦿Design and Supervision for Rajasthan Urban Sector Development Investment Programme. RUIDP PHASE II. (funded by ADB).

Preparation of Master Plan of Integrated Industrial Township-Phase-I of LIDA at Lucknow under development of Lucknow-Kanpur Corridor Program.

⦿Integrated Industrial Estate in Haridwar, Area: 2000 Acres (Apprx.), Scope of work include complete Design & Drawings and Project Management Consultancy Work.

⦿Consultancy Services for Infrastructure Design and Supervision for Package I- Gujarat Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Project – ADB Loan No. 1862-IND.

Roads & Highways Projects:

⦿DPR for 2 Lane Road of Birmitrapur-Palhara (128km) under NHDP- IV-B in the State of Orissa,Client : NHAI

⦿DPR for 2 Lane Road of Ambikapur-Pathalgaon NH–78 (84km) in the State of Chattisgarh,Client : NHAI

⦿DPR for 2 Lane Road of Rangali-Talchar NH–200 (68km) in the State of Orissa,Client : MORTH

⦿DPR for 2 Lane Road of Nagrota-Mubarakpur, NH–20A (91km) in the State of Himachal Pradesh,Client : MORTH

⦿DPR for 4 Lane Road of Ludhiana-Talwandi (84km), NH-95, BOT Project under NHDP- III in the State of Punjab,Client : NHAI

⦿DPR for 4 Lane Road of Rohtak-Jind (45km), NH-71, BOT Project under NHDP- III in the State of Punjab,Client : NHAI

⦿DPR for 4 Lane Road of Reengus-Sikar(44km) BOT Project under NHDP- III in the State of Rajasthan,Client : NHAI

⦿DND Flyway (Delhi Noida Direct Flyway Project)

⦿Supervision of Improvement and Upgradation of about 184 km of State Highways in the State of Mizoram (World Bank Funded)

⦿Supervision for 4-Laning and Strengthening of the existing 2-lane stretches from Chennai to Ranipet (Km 13.8 to Km 106.5) on NH-4 in the State of Tamil Nadu.

⦿Supervision for 4-Laning & Strengthening of Pune-Solapur Road NH 9 from km 14/000 to 40/000 on BOT Basis.

Independent Quality Control Consultant for Road Project in Punjab State on BOT Basis for “Balachaur – Dausya” Road (105.00Kms)


Superintendent Engineer, Air Force Ministry of Defense:

As Team Leader for Planning and Supervision of overlay cum Strengthening of Air – Field Pavements and new Construction of Runways at Tambram, Hakimpet and Bidar. (Rs. 180 Crores).

Preparation of Feasibility Study Report for Highway, Air Fields, Construction of Technical and domestic Building of all Air Force Station in South India. (Rs. 60 Crores)

Also Responsible to higher authorities for vigilance of works, financial control, Acquisition of Land Assets in co-ordination with civil authorities and vetting and projection of all works matter requiring action by Govt. of India.

FROM 1995 TO 1997

Senior Level Planning and Design Engineer, Ministry Of Defense Govt Of India, Chief Engineer Bangalore

Designing and formulation of specification for all types of Highways and Air Field projects, New as well as overlay and strengthening and all other civil engineering projects under taken.

Construction supervision of Air Field and Highway Pavements Evaluation using Weight deflector Meter ensuring quality control of all Major Military Air Field Pavements. During this period, following time bound projects completed:

a). Overlay and strengthening of pavements of 2 Air Fields (Rs. 6 Crore)

b). Preparation of DPR and Supervision of 4 lane road on Highway specifications, AREO India. Banglore (Rs. 90 Crore)

FROM 1993 TO 1995

Superintendent Engineer, Shillong, Ministry of Defense

Preparation of DPR and construction Supervision of 150 KMs 2 lane Highway in difficult terrain of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam (Hilly region). He was also responsible for rout survey and field investigations for the bridges and slope stability.

FROM 1989 TO 1991

Senior Highway Engineer, (CE Comnd.), Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India

Responsible for leading team of various experts and giving experts inputs for design and construction of highway. Constructions Supervision of Highway Pavements evaluation using weight deflector meter showing quantity control. Checking responsible for checking the design, suggesting necessary modifications, the rehabilitation plan for the roads in the hilly area, and bituminous pavement construction under the adverse condition of cold region for the NH-1A from Laddakh to Shrinagar.

FROM 1987 TO 1989

Asst. Quarter Master General

Planning and allocation of works, financial control and vigilance of civil works of the Army Units located in entire Garhwal Sector in Uttaranchal Pradesh. Carried out Feasibility study and DPR of Haridwar and Badrinath Highway. Quality Assurance and Construction Supervision of Maintenance of Hill Roads in Uttranchal Pradesh.

FROM 1983 TO 1987

Executive Engineer, Delhi Cantonment, Ministry of Defense GOI

Responsible for management and execution for time bound road and Civil Engineering Projects making the design change at site. The Job also included planning of works, testing and approval of material and effecting and strict control over planning of work. In the biggest Cantonment in India, Responsible for construction supervision and contact management of quality control civil work costing over approximately Rs. 2000 Millions.

FROM 1981 TO 1983

Asst. Garrison Engineer, Delhi Cantonment, Ministry of Defense GOI

Responsible for construction supervision and quality control of civil works of Rs. 450 Millions at Delhi Cant. The job also included maintenance of roads, Building, Installation and of 32 KMs Strengthening and junction improvement of road with 25 mm thick bitumen, carpet with quality control.

FROM 1979 TO 1981

Material & Design Engineer, Ministry of Defence

Responsible road construction and supervision 200 KMs state and border road formation costing Rs. 4500 million in Jammu & Kashmir state in record time. Construction supervision of roads in Udhampur Sector. He was responsible for strengthening and rehabilitation and construction supervision w.r.t. quality control on existing sub-routes to the 62 km long Jammu-Udhampur NH-1A section to provide proper connectivity of that area to the national highway for the defence purposes.